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The Perfect Barn Lighting

Whether your barn houses animals or humans, the lighting design is crucial to ensuring you have right environment. Here at Asco Lights we can support you in both the design and the fitting of the perfect lighting solution for your barn.

Barn Lighting
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Barn Lighting

The lighting in barns can be very important. It can create ambience and make the barn and path look more pleasing and brings out the architecture of the barn helping to make it stand out. The exterior lighting of the barn is also important as well as the path leading up to it. It can be subtle and just highlight the way to the barn as well as the entrance. A good way to subtly light up the path is to use low level lights along the way up to the barn as this makes it easy to get to the barn when it gets dark and makes it easy to find the way back. It is important however to not light the entire path, and to separate the lights because the radius of the light would be enough to cover a certain distance along the path. This means it is only getting lit subtly and not being overpowered by light. It is also important to highlight with the lights any changes in the level of the path such as steps or a hill as this could be dangerous when it’s dark and it’s difficult to see where to go.

The entrance of the barn can be lit up in a way to emphasise the architectural features and make them stand out, also making it more aesthetically pleasing, catching the eye and bringing it to the most important parts of the barn such as the entrance. A good way to light up the entrance to the barn is to use up and down wall lights, such as IP44.DE Como Exterior Light. This is also subtle and makes the barn more friendly and approachable to friends or family and any potential visitors. Another way to subtly light up the entrance to the barn is to have floor lights facing upwards which light up the bottom of the barn and fade as they go upwards. This is a subtle touch for a smaller entrance as it can highlight both the doors and above as well as creating emphasis on the wood that the barn was made out of and any other material which can create ambient lighting for the exterior.

Barn Lighting
Asco Lights
Barn Lighting

The interior barn lighting is just as important however as it can provide some of the necessities for life when the sun goes down. An efficient way to light the interior of the barn is to use layering which is using different lights to create different levels of intensity across the barn which all add to the overall lighting effect. With barns being large open spaces it is good to have a mixture of lighting techniques to shower the space with light where it is needed. Using powerful yet small ground recessed uplights and downlights mounted onto beams providing consistent colour as well as good levels of output. Up and down lighting like the Occhio Sento verticale wall light emphasises the height space while low level accent lighting adds character and charm to the space. 

Lighting in barns for the exterior and interior is crucial. By layering the lights to create different levels of intensity across the barn the space is enhanced architecturally, aesthetically and serves to promote and support a healthy circadian function. Give us a call today and arrange an initial consultation with a member of our experienced lighting design team to help transform your barn with ideal lighting. Call us today on 0161 207 0212 or head over to our Contact Page.

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