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  Lighting to Enhance Space

Choosing the right Barbershop Lighting solutions is a lot more important than you may think. Asco lights offers the best lighting solutions for Barbershops. Here at Asco we not only factor in the functionality of illuminating a space but the impact light has on the well being of those directly impacted by it.

Barbershop Lighting
Barbershop lighting
Barbershop lighting

One of the most important factors when opening a Barbershop is the correct Barbershop lighting design. Even if you have the perfect layout design and interior design in your shop, if you don’t have the correct lighting design incorporated into this, your overall design will be incomplete. 

The right types of lighting fixtures, the correct Lighting temperature to enhance client experience while making it easy for your stylists to see what they’re doing, whilst tied into key lighting design techniques and intuitive technologies. Lighting impacts on how your clients feel about your service and your shop so it’s critical that you get it right.

Barbershop lighting
Barbershop lighting
Barbershop lighting

Using light to compliment Interior Space and Promote your Brand

LED lighting can come in a variety of colour temperatures ranging from cool to very warm. The lighting temperature used in your shop is crucial. By using a warmer temperature (2000k-3000k) lighting will compliment client complexions by masking blemishes and leaving the client in no doubt of their satisfaction at the end of the service. Warmer  lighting ideally compliments barber shops with a more traditional, rustic feel. When using cooler lighting you will want the temperature at around 4000k-4500k. By doing this lighting levels will be more natural reducing glare and shadows whilst enhancing a more contemporary minimalist interior. By using lighting temperature to enrich your interior will help to push your brand image, which in a visual market is crucial.

Lighting Should Enhance Client Experience

How a client looks in the chair is crucial, how they feel once they step out is arguably even more crucial. If the client is satisfied with the service and leaves feeling refreshed and happy with their fresh haircut, it’s a recipe for repeat custom, leading to increasing revenue. The simplest way to make sure the client looks their best in the chair is to eliminate shadows on the face. By positioning lighting correctly, such as Twin Wall Lights either side of a mirror so that light can be directed to enhance the clients complexion. Track lighting fixtures can create shadows however by using Adjustable LED Downlighting shadows can be eliminated in crucial task areas by adjusting beam angles. 

The Importance of Task Lighting

Task lighting when correctly placed should provide the lighting required to perform tasks as well as general light for the barbershop. The exact task lighting will vary from shop to shop and is dependent upon things such as your shop’s ceiling height and the amount of available natural light. You will  want to base your lighting around the centre of the room. By using overhead task lighting such as a chandelier, a pendant for smaller spaces or a series of pendants for larger spaces, your shop will have your general overhead task lighting covered. With your overhead task lighting having a specific use, it does give you the opportunity to do something dramatic. By incorporating an advanced lighting control system you’ll be able to modify light levels to the what is required and desired meaning creating the perfect lighting, for the perfect picture, of the perfect haircut is all at your fingertips. 

For over 20 years, Asco Lights has been at the forefront of commercial and domestic lighting design. During that time, we’ve built a solid reputation as one of the most trusted independent lighting design companies in the UK, offering a wide range of services including design, supply and installation. For the best in Barbershop lighting don’t hesitate to Contact us. Our industry leading design team will work closely with you to help provide the perfect lighting design no matter how small or large the space.

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