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Achieving Perfect Lighting For Your Work Area

Having an optimum lighting solution in your work area can make the world of difference to the way this unique space feels. Here at Asco Lights we offer design and supply services to help you achieve the perfect lighting for your work area.

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Whether you work from home and your home office is your primary workspace, it’s important to light these spaces properly. While you want to create an atmosphere you feel comfortable in, lighting in your home office should do more than simply illuminate the space. A properly thought out lighting design for a home work space should Keep you awake and alert, reduce eye strain and boost productivity levels.

Asco Lights offers a wide range of solutions to ensure that your work area is lit as effectively and efficiently as possible, using a variety of products of all shapes and sizes to suit your look and style.

To illuminate your home office effectively, you’ll need to light it in layers. When it comes to a home office, you’ll want to make sure the ambient light is providing an even level of illumination. A proper layer of evenly distributed ambient lighting makes it possible for you to introduce other types of lighting without creating dramatic shadows and other lighting problems that can cause eye strain and fatigue. With ambient lighting wired to a dimmer switch it allows you to adjust light levels throughout the day giving you the ability to suit the required light level to your work. 

In any spot where you’ll be performing tasks like reading, writing, or computer work, you’ll want a good quality task lighting. Task lighting provides you with a bright, focused light that allows you to easily see what you are doing without straining your eyes. This type of lighting needs to be used at your desk, by reading chairs, or any areas that you may like to sit down and work. Task lighting can be provided via wall mounted lights, table lamps and reading lights. 

When selecting a light bulb for your home office, you’ll want to use a similar colour temperature across your fixtures. This helps to create a cohesive space. By using LED technology it’s now possible to manipulate artificial light. When we require higher levels of concentration and alertness, we can adjust the colour temperature to provide a cool light. By using this LED colour rendering technology it will help to provide the perfect light temperature for your work space.

For the best in work area lighting don’t hesitate to CONTACT us. Our industry leading design team will work closely with you to help provide the perfect lighting design no matter how small or large the space.

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