What’s trending in kitchen lighting

what's trending in kitchen lighting - asco lights

When looking into what’s trending in kitchen lighting you will come across many traditional lighting principles. By using lighting principles such as layering light to set the tone of the space and decorative lighting to stamp some of your own personality into the kitchen you will be able to combine this with certain products and features to create an on trend kitchen that is a real visual feast. 

Within many modern kitchens concealed lighting through a space not only enhances the features within the kitchen but creates a real sense of atmosphere and drama at night. Concealed Lighting can be used alongside other layers of light. By using a mixture of downlight, uplight and linear lighting it gives the feel of lighting coming from all angles. The kitchen is a room for functionality and is used throughout the day and any lighting design needs to consider the tasks you may undertake in your kitchen. With this in mind you’ll want lights over worktops and important task areas such as kitchen islands. For instance in a kitchen with a high ceiling, low drop pendants, either three or five depending on size, over a kitchen Island provides you with ambient lighting and allows you to get creative with decorative features opening up the space to your own personal style and taste. Another on trend layer of light to be utilised in kitchen spaces is LED tape. By adding LED Tape  under the island you can add an extra dimension and layer of interest as well as highlighting the island top.

what's trending in kitchen lighting - asco lights

A good level of background kitchen lighting is key, which in modern kitchens is achieved by using downlights. It is essential not to cast downlights onto the floors which leaves the worktops in darkness. Downlights should always be carefully positioned where you require the light to provide a source of task lighting. Double downlights provide ample lighting over the kitchen island and single downlights should be used under cabinets so that worktops have a soft light reflecting off them. 

Accent lighting is used to highlight or softly light elements of the kitchen. LED strips under breakfast bars, beneath ‘floating’ kitchen islands, over wall units or illuminating shelves within cabinets can provide a great source of accent lighting. A feature that is growing in popularity within many modern kitchens are wine storage areas. The integration of lighting ensures this becomes a prominent feature within a space. By using adjustable downlighting you’re able to angle light into the direction required to really highlight and make prominent features such as wine storage areas. 

Ambient lighting or in other words, general background light, can be provided by wall and table lights, but also by your main task lighting if it’s controlled by a control system. Lighting control systems let you adjust the level of light to your moods and needs, creating a bespoke lighting system for your space to boost comfort and convenience. LED controls can easily be dimmed without flickering for a smooth change in light. An excellently designed control system allows LEDs to be effortlessly changed from warm white to cool white providing a level of control over the light levels within your kitchen which is fantastic in a space such as a kitchen which is in use across different times of day.  

Check out the video below for how a bespoke lighting control system can take your kitchen from good to great!

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