What makes the perfect downlight?

What makes the perfect downlight? - Asco lights

What makes the perfect downlight? Though arguably the perfect downlight can be subjective,  what can’t be ignored is quality and innovative design. Downlights are an extremely versatile product and should be capable of illuminating your space, even those tricky to light areas. Varied style, beam angle and dimmer switch compatible are standard amongst downlights, but the question we are asking is what makes the perfect downlight and standard isn’t going to surfice. In this post we will discuss what makes the perfect downlight, features and how you can implement them to your space for the perfect lighting solution. 

Most downlight ranges vary between adjustable or fixed, single or twin and trimless or with a bezel. Such choice for one style of product can lead most people into panic and confusion, wondering which choice is right for them. The variation in products isn’t there to simply confuse but each offers a specific functional use. For instance if the downlight is there to highlight a piece of artwork on a wall or there to illuminate the dining table, adjustable downlights would make the most sense as you will be able to position the light to the required location offering a freedom that you potentially wouldn’t be able to get from a fixed downlight in a similar position. 

With advances in LED technology in the past few years has seen colour tunable LEDs built in with many products, downlights included. The ability to change the temperature of light is huge and when paired with a lighting control system allows the user a level of control unparalleled in past years. With a the proper lighting design, colour tunable downlights can be incorporated into a space to help create the feel you require. With the ability to change between cool white, warm white and daylight you will be able to set your downlighting to the required setting. For early mornings when you’re needing to wake up a touch setting the downlighting to cool white or daylight will certainly help. Our body’s work of circadian rhythm, the sleep wake cycle based around natural light levels, so the ability to imitate natural daylight (usually with extremely high CRI – measurement of how accurately a light source renders colour within a space) this provides endless benefits not only for a decorative or functional purpose but also for your health and well being.

For more on the health benefits of LED lighting check out our blog page!

what makes the perfect downlight? Asco Lights

what makes the perfect downlight? Asco Lights


Staying with LED technology, dim to warm is a new feature that is being incorporated with many of the latest downlights. Simply put, Warm Dim technology allows LED lights to dim down to a warmer colour temperature, replicating the effect of incandescent and halogen light bulbs. With Warm Dim, LED lights now provide that comforting, amber glow all while remaining energy-efficient. One such downlight to feature a dim-to-warm engine is the eyeconic range. Available as adjustable or fixed, single or twin, trimless or with bezel, all featuring an easily interchangeable optic. With the option of 2700K or 3000K at 4W, 9W or 14W and also available in the brilliant 12W dim-to-warm engine from 2700K-1800K or 3000K-1800K. The eyeconic warm-to-dim is designed for intimate, relaxing spaces. At low outputs it provides a warm, cosy glow. Suitable for areas where a cosy ambience is desired, such as lounges or snugs. Along with being IP65 rated and 1hr fire-rated, the eyeconic range features easily interchangeable optics which gives you a choice of either 10°, 20°, 30° or 50° symmetrical beam angles, or, a stunning asymmetric wall wash optic. The variation of products within the range offer versatility and functionality and maybe the perfect downlight? 

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