The Visionnaire Lighting Range

Visionnaire is an Italian interior design company that was founded in 1959. Since then Visionnaire has manufactured armchairs, sofas, beds, sofa-beds and complements of “high-design” to please an advancing, demanding public.

By the will of Pompeo and Vittorio Cavalli in 1959, IPE, an acronym for Imbottiture Prodotti Espansi (which translates to padding and expansion products), was created in the vicinity of Bologna. Expansion products in 1959 are what we call Polyurethane today, IPE was one of the first companies to use this new method. Polyurethane is chemical materials, which are soft and resilient, this allowed the use of springs, horse hair, wool and other materials to be stopped,, therefore revolutionising the way in which beds, sofas and the seats of automobiles are constructed.

The founding values of the Visionnaire brand are uniqueness, modern style and vocation for Made in Italy. The company has been rapidly gaining leadership on the international luxury design scene, now understood as an offer of a “total look” that is customised in every detail, rather than a mere furnishing project, as it has been known as in the past. Sitting at the heart of Visionnaire’s creativity and modernity, is the careful observation of the world, the continual evolution of modern society and culture. As a result of this cosmopolitan approach, the brand has been able to expand globally, in a way of conceiving furnishing, not strictly tied to the product, but able to represent what is properly a lifestyle.

As well as their other products, Visionnaire also produces a range on lighting products, from chandeliers and ceiling lamps to floor lamps. One of their products is called the Little John, designed by Samuele Mazza. This is a circular ceiling light, composed of a steel frame in chromed or gold finishing on five levels. From the frame, crystal pendants hang from aluminium chains, giving the light an elegant and chandelier-like appearance.

Visionnaire also produce a wall lamp called Archos. This lamp is in steel tube, covered by oval printing leather. The turnings are in a shiny chromed aluminium bronze lacquer and the lampshades have a lozenge external structure in stainless steel bronze lacquer. The fabric upholstery is made from in ivory silk, hanging from these lampshades are decorative pendants with golden brass chains and drops of crystals. The lamp has a vintage look to it and is designed by Giuseppe Viganò.

In their floor lamp collection, Visionnaire produce a lamp called Drop, designed by La Conca. This is a spindle shaped support in polished stainless steel gold or bronze finishing, made of two parallel plates on a polished stainless steel base. The Visionnaire logo is engraved in laser cut brass in gold finishing. The lampshade is made up of two parts from a steel rod frame, covered with white silk. The Drop lamp has a modern appearance to it and is quite an abstract piece of furniture.