Our trip to Manooi in Budapest!

Manooi Lighting- Asco Lights

Asco Lights have had the invitation to visit manufacturer Manooi in Budapest, Hungary this Novemeber and we are really excited to make the trip and to learn more about Manooi.

Manooi produce some of the most beautiful decorative Lighting collections on the market, most of which are adorned with crystals. Their crystals chandeliers are custom made and crystals are used to reflect the light around the room and to create beautiful reflections.

In Budapest, the Asco Lights design team will learn about how Manooi manufacture their lights and the process involved, they will learn interesting facts about each collection and the technical infomation of how each light works.

Our Training sessions help us become more knowledgeable about the manufacturer, technical information and products thus allowing us to provide a professional and accurate service to our clients.

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