Time to Show Off

Recent Residential Design Project

Asco Lights are proud to now have their own dedicated photography and video production team working on an all new project- The Lighting Design Channel. Managing Director, Ajay Vasdev, will be working alongside the Asco Lights team and the new photo and video team, to create some really interesting and useful short videos which will allow us to showcase some of our residential and commercial lighting design projects.

Not only this, the videos will be a chance for Asco Lights to show off their design flair and creativity, in both project videos and video tutorials explaining our designs, concepts and how we came up with the scheme. The team have made a start on their first videos including the very first one, an Introduction to Lighting Design by Ajay Vasdev. A short video has also been made showcasing one of our latest projects- A residential lighting design based in the North West. We worked on this particular project with a number of others to create some spectacular results.

Testimonials From Our Lighting Design Clients

Amongst the videos will be client testimonials- we have some great feedback from our clients and we would love to share it! It is something we are proud of and it also helps others who are looking into getting started on a lighting design. The clients will share experiences from their projects and what they liked about working with Asco Lights.

There will also be a series of installation and technical videos, demonstrating how to fit and install some of the trickier fittings which may require plastering in for example. Also videos on technical information regarding some of the architectural products. We find that these type of videos come in really handy for those on site and can help avoid some potential, costly errors!

We believe the videos will be useful for not only those in the industry such as architects, Interior designers and electricians, but also potential clients and people wanting to find out more about lighting design. Lighting is often overlooked within a design and we believe it can make or break a space, this is why we feel that the videos will be so important.

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