The Terzani Lighting Range

In 1972 in Florence, Italy, Terzani was founded by Sergio Terzani. Since its founding, Terzani has worked, bonding traditional Italian craftsmanship and modern technology together, to create lighting that blurs the lines between design, art and luxury.

Sergio Terzani and Nicolas Terzani, the CEO, created the Terzani Lab, where new techniques, materials and ideas can be tested and developed, which furthered their experimentation in lighting design. Terzani started off with roots in the noble craft traditions of wrought iron, carved wood and Murano glass. Sergio Tenzari met Jean-Francois Crochet, an experienced Parisian designer, and together they modernised the craft culture and presented it from a contemporary design angle. As a result of this, lamps and objects as lighting sculptures are no longer accessories or cold technical supports, but the lively, fundamental protagonists of living areas, with a completely unique character. This is called “Luce Pensata”. Today, Terzani continues commissioning designs from artists, such as Nigel Coates, Galante, Christian Lava and Dodo Arslan, who add their distinctive voices to contribute to Terzani’s broad collection.

Terzani products are both elegant and unique. Many are hand made by craftsmen, making no two the same. They sell many different types of lights, giving the company a large variety of products and appealing to all different types of people. A few of their products are Hugo (a floor lamp that only comes in satin nickel), Anastacha (a ceiling light and a wall lamp, both of which come in two metals: brushed nickel black diffuser and brushed nickel clear diffuser) and Atlantis (a ceiling light, which comes in two different sizes, and a wall light, that also comes in two sizes. This product comes in four different metals: nickel, black nickel, gold and bronze).

One product they sell is the Mizu, designed by Nicolas Terzani. This is a unique design, made by hand, meaning no two Mizu are alike. They are designed to give off the tranquil and mesmerizing light refractions produced by water. Using the clearest crystal (which is 24% lead), Mizu imitates water’s refraction of light, casting flowing water-like patterns around the room. They are also available in gold leaf, which casts a golden glow around the room, as opposed to regular white light.

The Mizu lights are a feature in the elevator lobby in The Marriot City Centre Hotel, in Denver’s downtown social district. Sherry Decker from DDI says: “the Mizu pendants in the newly created Lobby Bar are meant to draw attention to the hotel. Terzani’s Mizu fixtures not only accomplish that goal, but are the perfect choice for our story. Using a grouping of crystals in the elevator lobbies, sets the tone for each guest as they check in. Each crystal shape is so unique and casts the perfect play of light. The new interior design includes subtle elements that might be found in mining. The Mizu pendants fit the bill perfectly. Our clients, Chesapeake Lodging Trust, are very happy with the transformation”.

Another product they sell is the Argent, designed by Dodo Arslan. This suspension light creates a shimmering, silver cloud and is composed of metal discs that have been carefully joined by hand into small clusters by Terzani craftsmen. Once lit, the angled surfaces of the discs emit a soft, white, shimmering glow. This gives the light a calming and elegant appearance.

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