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Flos Lighting Range


Flos was founded in September 1962, though the company originated from earlier, in the late 50’s. At that time Dino Gavina, a nonconformist who had the idea that Italy should become the homeland of a new interior design culture, made

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Create the Perfect Lighting Design for Cafes


Making a statement about your cafe’s identity and drawing in passers-by is important when making your first impression count. Clever café lighting can help this, providing ambience and mood, and bring you more customers. Regardless of whether the cafe is

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The Terzani Lighting Range


In 1972 in Florence, Italy, Terzani was founded by Sergio Terzani. Since its founding, Terzani has worked, bonding traditional Italian craftsmanship and modern technology together, to create lighting that blurs the lines between design, art and luxury. Sergio Terzani and

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Creating a Less Intimidating Hospital Environment With Lighting Design


Hospitals can sometimes be scary places for everyone so having a more welcoming hospital lights can be enough to make a patient welcome and trust that everything will be ‘ok’. Lighting as simple as a violet colour in operational rooms

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Getting the Right Lighting Design for Supermarkets


Supermarkets are a place where customers come to buy fresh and ready-to-go food in one convent location. All types of food, drinks, clothes, furniture and all types of technology. Supermarket lighting should be hygienic as its food that we eat

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Lighting Solutions in Nightclubs


People usually go on night outs to nightclubs with friends to let of steam and just generally party and have a good time. Sometimes meeting people who they start a relationship with. One of the main lighting attractions in a

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Creating the Perfect Lighting Design For Jewellery Shops


Many jewellery shop owners treat lighting in their shop as a cost instead of using it to boost sales, even though it is one of the most important aspects in the jewellery shop design is the lighting. “People cannot look

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Lighting Solutions for Car Showrooms


Car Showrooms are a place where most people go to buy new cars, they show off new cars that are for sale that a customer could buy. Lighting can be important in a showroom so all of the cars can

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Choosing the Correct Lighting Design For Dental Practices


To perform precision-oriented tasks, such as dental procedures, it is vital that you have the correct lighting. The majority of dental practitioners have to adjust their vision to cope with the contrasting light conditions that is produced by an operation

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Lighting Solutions in Restaurants


As you probably know, restaurants are usually a place for socialising with friends and family as you enjoy a nice meal prepared by a chef while you sit back and relax. So lighting in a restaurant can be very important

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