Pixalux – Illuminated LED Framless Panels

We are proud to work with Pixalux, the world’s first illuminated led frameless panels. They are versatile and can be used in almost any environment that further enables the use of light.

It works by a 16mm Acrylic sheet that is bonded together in a unique way and combined with the latest LEDs. Diffusers are then integrated into the panels without the need for any frames. The concealed LEDs are applied to the edge of the panels in a unique way, providing an even spread of light across the surface of the light panel. The LEDs are housed in a discreet profile located on the long edge of the panel. This makes it very easy and economical to change the LEDs, if required.

Being only 16mm thick, the panels have a light-weight appearance but in fact are incredibly strong. This strength enables them to be used as shelves or to replace structural wood panels within furniture, for example. High quality optical grade acrylic is used which has great light distributing properties together with very tight tolerances with regard to thickness. The panel edges are finished with a choice of colours. Alternatively, opal acrylic edges are available which allow the light to pass through to provide a glowing edge.

It’s absolutely perfect for any home showcasing a statue, or an ornament that means a lot in the household. It’s also perfect for commercial use and showcasing a product. With the way the LED’s work, no shadows are created, meaning the product is shown at only it’s best. It can be used as a table for a restaurant, or to show a piece of art in a museum. The uses of Pixalux is endless.

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