Office Lighting

Office lighting is often an area that is overlooked. Asco lights offers the best lighting for offices and commercial spaces, with a variety of different solutions and fittings. Making sure an office is lit effectively is important, studies have shown that working in an environment that’s well-lit and consistent, ensures that people work to their best ability, which is ultimately vital for businesses. Lighting for an office or workplace should be on the cooler side, around 4000-6000K to simulate daylight. This way, the workers stay awake and don’t feel as relaxed or tired, allowing them to work more.

Choosing the right lighting solutions is also important. For an office, the ideal solutions would be profiles either recessed or suspended rather than chandeliers and pendants. This is because it’s more seamless and makes the space look more modern, which is what an office may need. Profiles also ensure that lighting is consistent throughout the space, meaning it looks the same wherever you go, and there’s no shadows. This is important as it adds towards the seamless nature and promotes working in an environment that’s more suited.

Downlights are another option for an office which would have a similar effect as a profile. A wide beam angle would be needed to make sure lighting is consistent throughout the space, with a colour temperature of 4000-6000K. This is to again simulate daylight and make sure employees work to their best ability.  Asco lights offers the best lighting solutions for downlights and recessed/suspended profiles. Contact us today on 0161 207 0212