Occhio Mito

Occhio describes their ‘Mito’ as it’s lighting masterpiece after it receives the prestigious Lighting Design Award in the category, Architectural Luminaire Interior. The Mito boasts an incredible attention to detail, combining an elegant design with innovative lighting technology. It has incredible functions such as intuitive height adjustment and colour tuning to perfectly complete a lighting concept.

Skillfully crafted like a jewel and with accurate attention to detail, Mito is a true eye-catcher in any interior design setting. Yet Mito is more than a design object, it also impresses owing to its extensive range of applications – from private ambiance to commercial atmosphere.

Touchless Control

Part of Occhio’s luminaire range, Mito utilises the power of touchless control. A simple hand gesture can bring it to life, as if by magic. Using an innovative infrared sensor, it can change the light intensity and even the completely change the colour, saying goodbye to the days of switches and dimmers.


Mito is supreme in its versatility. Whether as a ceiling, room or suspended luminaire, individually or in groups, Mito transforms and shapes rooms in a charming way thanks to its extraordinary design and revolutionary lighting technology. As surface-mounted, recessed or in-ceiling version for hollow ceilings: There is the ultimate mounting option for every situation..

Simply with one touch the Mito, light can be conducted to move seamlessly to one side to another. Creating enchanting and exciting new possibilities into any space. Just by using a hand gesture or the ease of Occhio Air the Mito can be personalised to suit any occasion. With light emitted from one or both sides, the uplight and downlight can be controlled separately, thereby creating a variety of lighting scenarios. Available in colours: matte white, matte black, matte gold, matte silver, rose gold and bronze (ceiling base is always white). A truly gorgeous range of colours to match any backdrop.

Colour Tone

Lighting can really set the tone of a space, Mito has been thoughtfully designed to change colour in order to adjust to your mood. With a range of tones from warm light at 2700k to a more stimulating light at 4000k, the choice is in your hands.  Effortlessly variable by a swift hand gesture or by Occhio Air.

Height Adjustment

Created with all settings in mind, Mito sospeso is incredibly versatile to be smoothly height adjusting. Varying between 50cm and 200cm, the cables disappear into a canopy or become invisible in the ceiling. A sophisticated roll-up mechanism ensures that Mito’s ring always stays horizontally in the desired height.

Occhio prides itself in making high quality products that give you a luxurious and high- tech touch to your home or business. Bringing a perfect quality of light to your space, you wouldn’t want anything less than excellence.  The numerous design prizes are proof of the exceptional standard of Occhio.

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