Featured on the November A1 Lighting Magazine

We are very proud to be featured in the A1 Lighting Magazine about Creating a Lighting Design, read below about what we said in the article.

In order to produce to a perfect lighting design that works in harmony with the rest of the space, it is crucial that we fully understand the client and how the space will be used in accordance with their lifestyle. Listening to our client is the fundamental aspect before we put pen to paper. And without knowing the answers to questions such ‘is there artwork you wish to display?’ How the client wishes to uses the space and is there a few different functions will be carried out depending upon the time of day and whether the space will be used for entertaining, relaxing. We are then able to create different zones using lighting using the answers we have form the client.

Our goal is to create a journey for the client and plan out different scenarios of how it will get used and who will be in it. Demonstrating how our bespoke lighting solutions will be able to create a complete change of look and feel with a simple click of a button. Our essence is about how our client feels within the space and how we can shift that feeling by introducing some of the latest innovations in LED technology. In a world where we all seem to stressed with daily duties of work, children and child care, creating a sanctuary within our own home, as the perfect environment to create calmness and well-being.

The most important element of all lighting is it how it makes you feel; task, ambient and accent all need to complement each other and make you feel great in a space. Many people don’t realise the effects lighting can have on your mood. Correct lighting has many benefits such as helping your circadian rhythm to get a good sleep and feel more energised. I love to use in warm-dim technology in our lighting schemes and this can be achieved with great effect for task lighting using anti-glare recessed baffle LED downlight. Enabling the space to feel incredible with a gradual transition of tuning the white from 2700k – 1800k as we dim down.

Using the same principles within ambient lighting with seamless plaster in profiles or an illuminated cornice detailed incorporating colour tuneable white LED tape. Achieving a good balance of what features should be illuminated is what creates lighting harmony in a space. Once again, the ability to colour tune this at will to enhance our emotional state. The advancements of lighting control now enable clients to use much more cost-effective solutions by utilising Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in a click of a button. For us lighting design is about seeing the end results with clients where our bespoke solutions have added value to the overall space.

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