Manooi Training in Budapest

Manooi production unit budapest- Asco Lights visit

This weekend we visited our friends at Manooi in Budapest to take part in their training course.

Manooi produce some of the most high quality contemporary crystal chandeliers and provide these stunning products to lighting designers, interior designers, architects and many others all over the world. Their products are well known for suiting both classic and contemporary interiors. We were joined on the course by professionals from Russia, Kuwait and Germany and we all felt we gained some of the passion that the Manooi staff had for their brand.

The owner of the company, Janos Heder, took our seminars and tought us about the materials they use, including all you would ever need to know about crystals, how the company works and sales.

The staff showed great passion for their work and the products they produce and made us extremely welcome in their offices, not only that, they were a great host and took us out to eat in Budapest for the full Hungarian experience.

We now feel that the whole experience has given us the knowledge and passion to then pass onto our clients resulting in them owning a stunning piece of lighting with a story behind it.

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