Lighting Solutions in Nightclubs

People usually go on night outs to nightclubs with friends to let of steam and just generally party and have a good time. Sometimes meeting people who they start a relationship with.

One of the main lighting attractions in a nightclub are the special effects with the lighting including the lasers and general flashing lights in all different colours. The types of lighting found in nightclubs are very unique and not usually found anywhere else other than nightclubs.

With the mass amount of lighting in nightclubs, normal lighting can make energy bills skyrocket, however with LED lights the cost can lower as well as the carbon footprint of the nightclub.

One type of lighting that a nightclub will use is recessed lighting which is lighting that has a function other than decoration. This lighting can be used to light up area like the bar and doors so people inside of the nightclub can travel through the nightclub without struggle or getting lost.

An example of this is a toilet sign lit up so people within the nightclub can easily see where the toilet is.

Outside of the nightclub indirect lighting can be used to make the sign stand out, the lighting used would be backlit signage where lighting is put behind the letters of the sign so it appears to have a glow behind it.

For decoration, accent lighting can be used to make different and unique patterns. Accent lighting can be placed on the walls in a variety of different colours to set moods. Orange would be a great colour to use in a nightclub as it encourages emotional feelings of comfort and fun.

People go to nightclubs to have fun so colours such as orange encouraging this behaviour is great for any nightclub owner. From accent light indoors to indirect lighting outdoors, it can all be orange as owners want to set a first impression of this nightclub being fun and even better than others they have seen.

Visitors inside of the nightclub are important to keep happy but it’s equally important to attract new visitors possibly looking for a nightclub. Outdoor lighting can make a great impression of a nightclub but the amount of lighting can also be great.

Outdoor lighting should be focusing on signs so visitors have an idea where the entrance and other places are.

Lights can also be used to highlight some unique architectural features so repeat visitors can remember what the nightclub looks like because of the unique features of the building.

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