Lighting Solutions for Car Showrooms

Car Showrooms are a place where most people go to buy new cars, they show off new cars that are for sale that a customer could buy. Lighting can be important in a showroom so all of the cars can be seen with sufficient lighting.

The colours in these showrooms are usually white to express the hygiene of the showroom as when we think of new things we usually associate it with clean. Expressing this in the showroom then is good as it fulfils our expectations making us more likely to buy what they’re selling: cars.

The angle of the lighting is also a factor that effects what stands out to us when buying a car, if the highest intensity of light is on the cars like a spot light we’ll natural look at that part of the showroom first.

Having this lighting to be adjustable also helps as when cars move around to swap the current cars on show to others the cars may not be in the exact same place so being able to move the light back onto the cars can be really helpful. It can especially be helpful when all the cars change places and the position of the cars completely changes so being able to move the lights to sync back onto the cars is great as it doesn’t require someone to replace the lights and relocate them around the building.

Outdoor lighting outside of the showroom is equally as important, again to highlight the cars outside but also to attract customers to come inside to the showroom. The lights can present the showroom as a welcoming place for new customers. If a customer feels welcome to be in a showroom they are more likely to ask questions about cars they are interested in which may eventually persuade the customer that they want to buy said car.
Lights outside are also necessary for security for the building but there is no reason why these lights cannot be stylish like the rest of the lights.

LED lights are usually used in showrooms as they are a lot more eco-friendly than other bulbs. The LEDs are also a lot cheaper to run so the energy bills for modern showrooms using LED can expect to have a lot lower energy bills than other car showrooms.

Like any other wall lamp, wall lamps on the walls of a showroom need to be at just the right height so they don’t cause ‘hotspots’ on the ceiling above the light which are really intense light sources above a lamp caused by reflected light from the lamp.

Floor lamps are sometimes used to light up areas that would otherwise be dark, it creates a more even intensity across the whole floor.

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