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Lighting Design for Education

A more natural light encourages a normal circadian rhythm

Lighting Design for Schools, Universities

Studies have shown that students can perform better and concentration levels are higher when they are provided with the right lighting. A more natural light encourages a normal circadian rhythm and therefore aids the subconscious into a normal daily routine and rhythm. We can provide the most natural and comfortable lighting solutions for any school, college or university with the most energy efficient light sources which in most cases will be LED. As long as LED lighting is switched off when not in use, this will provide an excellent, energy efficient solution.

It is important for lighting in Classrooms to look as natural as possible, as though its daylight. Using unnatural looking unusual lighting in a classroom can affect a child’s learning and performance in a classroom, the best way for focus is to use natural light. Lighting has an effect on people’s mood, therefore schools want to have lighting that will make pupils feel positive and motivated to learn. Studies show that adjusting the dimness of light can have an effect on pupils, constantly making slight changes can make pupils work harder because it changes their view on the environment they are learning in, it adjusts their routine and they see the classroom ‘in a different light’, quite literally. It makes them feel more appreciated and recognised, edging them to work harder because they aren’t stuck in the same looking environment which can be demotivating.

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