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Origin warm dim -asco lights

LED technology has rapidly advanced over the past few years. LED bulbs improve light output, last longer and save energy in comparison to previous lighting technology. With the advancement of LED technology, fittings are now being designed with integrated LED’s. In the world of light design this change in technology has opened up a whole host of possibilities which incorporate the fantastic features LED lighting provides.  

The light quality of LED lighting has significantly improved as the technology has advanced. Colour rendering index (CRI) is a measurement of how accurately a light source renders colour within a space. The higher the CRI, the more natural the light looks. With 100 being the highest measurement on the scale, most LED technology now has 95 CRI making LED lighting a fantastic option for lighting a multitude of spaces. 

Although LED isn’t 100 CRI and the ‘perfect’ light source, warm dim LED lighting is making strides forward and quickly becoming the standard for LED technology. 


LED Lighting & Warm Dim  - Asco lights


An attractive feature of incandescent and halogen lamps is that they become warmer as you dim them. As the filament dims and becomes less intense, the colour changes to a warmer more orange and yellow appearance. The colour temperature, and CCT reduces as they dim. In contrast, when a typical LED light is dimmed, it becomes cooler or bluer. Whilst LED lamps could dim to low levels, they always retained the same colour appearance. They did not become warmer as the light output reduced. 

Warm Dim LEDs however change this. Simply put, Warm Dim technology allows LED lights to dim down to a warmer colour temperature, replicating the effect of incandescent and halogen light bulbs. With Warm Dim, LEDs lights now provide that comforting, amber glow all while remaining energy-efficient. 

For this reason Warm Dim technology is growing in popularity amongst residential and commercial projects. 

One of our favourite lighting products to feature Warm dim technology is Origin Warm Dim. As the luminaire dims gently, the light colour gradually “warms” from 2700 Kelvin to a glowing warm 1800 Kelvin. Its CRI rating of 98 also includes a consistent colour of light across the beam as it dims. With no special control equipment needed – just normal LED dimming controls, Origin Warm Dim is quickly becoming a popular choice. Origin Warm-Dim is designed for intimate, relaxing spaces. At low outputs it provides a warm, cosy glow. Suitable for areas where a cosy ambience is desired, such as lounges, snugs, bars or restaurants, Origin Warm Dim is suitable for multiple different types of lighting projects. 

For more of the best LED & Warm Dim products take a look at our store and you’re sure to be amazed with what you’ll find!


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