Klnik, Luxury Aethetics and Wellbeing , Wilmslow

We are proud to have designed lighting in the luxury aesthetics and wellbeing clinic based in Wilmslow who specialises in IV Therapy and other wellness treatments. After £3.2 million investment into the company it boasts exclusive a team of highly experience medical professionals and aesthetic experts. We were very excited to have worked with them to create a space to for their clients to relax in their state of the art clinic. Situated in already beautiful grounds, the lighting needed to match. Making a visit to the Klnik an escape from everyday life and enhancing the clients experience. The real focus of the project was to design a lighting scheme that harmonised with the principle of the company. We completely transformed their clinic to suit the needs of their client. Lighting can completely change a mood and atmosphere so was essential for their business to have the perfect ambiance when focusing on wellbeing. We used many different types of halo lighting to create a relaxing and tranquil environment for exceptional experience throughout a client time at the Klnik. Also, by using indirect lighting it produced an outstanding effect for a soothing and calming visit.  It was extremely important for the company to create these peaceful surroundings in order for them to have the best environment for their customers.  Not only did we generate a seamless lighting design scheme, we always use high quality and energy efficient products to ensure the highest standard of results. 

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