Stairs, Corridors and Landing Lighting Hints & Tips

These areas are most often the forgotten areas of the house and although they are probably the most used, people do not pay attention as they are just used as walkthroughs. Clever lighting can help to draw this space into the home creating a flow between different rooms.

A variety of lighting methods can be used in corridors. A nice effect which can be created in this area is using floor washers to illuminate the floor of the area. This creates a soft light which softens the space. Alternatively high level wall lights are a clever way to illuminate a corridor functionally rather than downlights. These fittings also create dramatic washes of light onto the ceiling adding drama to what normally is a dull space.

Creating shapes on the wall using clever lighting can create drama in a long corridor, adding effects and having a bigger impact on the space. For longer length corridors, lighting should be used in blocks to create drama.

Stairs are also a forgotten area of the house but by creating a soft light in this area, a better flow is achieved through different areas of the house and can also make a feature of the staircase.