Living Room Lighting Hints & Tips

Homeowners spend lots of time choosing a sofa or paint colour for their living room walls, but often forget about the importance of proper lighting. In a space where there is many different activities taking place, lighting needs to serve both the purpose of functionality and the style of the room. Having carefully chosen lighting provides an intimacy which adds to the mood and ambience of the living room.

A good living room lighting scheme uses different kinds of light, set at different levels, that work together to make the space warm and attractive. Using dimmers that allow you to control the level of lighting to suit the purpose of the room. Multiple light sources help balance a room by minimizing glare and shadows, while adding depth and dimension.
Highlighting features within a living room such as a fire place or artwork, accent lighting is the perfect way to do so. Recessed, adjustable lights directed to points of interest or under-cabinet lighting in a display case that highlights selected objects are great ways of accent lighting. It adds a pleasing variation of brightness which brings much needed attention to my focal point.

Luxurious chandeliers, ceiling lights and custom light features can provide the ambiance that casts a warm glow in your living room. It controls glare and provides the general illumination that makes the living room feel comfortable and inviting. As this type of lighting affects the overall quality of light in the room and tends to be used the most, this is where you want to use your energy-efficient solutions, with dimmers to control the level of light to suit whatever mood.

When creating interest and add elegance to your living room, table lamps, hanging pendants and chandeliers can provide the decorative light that adds cosiness and intimacy. Lighting around the perimeter of a ceiling can provide accent light as well a unique detail not common to most living rooms. Not only does an accent light accentuate the architectural details of a ceiling, but it adds an aura of elegance to a sophisticated space. When it comes to living room lighting ideas, don’t be afraid to think outside the box.