Home Cinema Hints and Tips

Home Theatre is all about creating a dedicated viewing experience, so to limit distractions, ambient lighting is your best choice. Lighting in a home theatre should be subtle and help create the theatre atmosphere, but it should also be capable of fully illuminating the room for cleaning and other activities.

The dimming of house lights has become a universally recognised trigger for relaxation, in anticipation of a film yet to unspool. And clever lighting provides more than just this addictive psychological fillip; it can also have a fundamental impact on the quality of the viewing experience itself. Each layer (called channels or zones) in the design should be separately controlled by a lighting control system to create scenes or moods for different space uses and gives convenient ability to set optimal conditions for media viewing.

Hanging or suspended fixtures and lamp lights can reflect on the screen or cause uneven lighting of a projected image. Lights should be dimmable, and remote controlled. Use a cove ceiling as a hiding spot for small light fixtures. The fixtures will still illuminate the space but without producing any spotting or shadowing on the walls or video screen.
Our usual approach for rooms with rows of cinema seating is to install a raised platform to elevate the viewers above the row in front. It is important to install lighting on the steps to prevent people tripping, to achieve this either with LED strip in the actual riser of the stair or with spot lights sunk in to the wall. Either approach looks stylish and provides the essential pathway lighting.

Design-conscious homeowners want to show off their architectural details, even when a space is dark. A good way to do that is by using strategically placed and controlled lighting. Especially when a room is used for more than one purpose, layering light helps to create different moods within a room depending on its use. If it is just a cinema space, you won’t need a great deal of general interior lighting, but might want to add floor washers or a starry sky for an authentic cinema feel.