Front Door Lighting Hints & Tips

The exterior view is the first impression people have of our homes. Appropriately sized and styled fixtures add to curb appeal, provide a warm welcome, and safely guide visitors to your door. How your home is dressed matters significantly. Not only does lighting serve for its aesthetics but also its functionality of being able to see whilst in the dark and added security.

Start by evaluating your space to determine the type of fixture (or fixtures) that best fits it, whether wall-mount, ceiling-mount, or, in very large entries, a combination of the two. In every case, the overall goal is to cast a wide pool of light that illuminates the entry, banishes dark corners, and casts a warm glow that’s easy on the eyes. Set your home apart from the street with a few choice design details that enhance its signature features.

Usually, outdoor ceiling lights provide your porch with its primary source of lighting. These fixtures can be simple or decorative depending on the look you want to achieve for your front door, consider using pendant-style ceiling fixtures or close-to-ceiling fixtures. Choose ceiling lights that best complement your front door and provide you with the most adequate lighting for your illumination needs.

Wall lighting, like sconces and lanterns, can help enhance your home’s entrance by providing indirect lighting, which adds illumination whilst still remaining subtle. Choose a fixture colour that complements the exterior of the home. Bronze looks great with earth tones and has become more popular in interiors and exteriors. Brass is less popular, because it doesn’t tend to last as well as some other materials.

For contemporary homes use an up/downlight to cast shadows on plants and ornaments which will create a dramatic effect. This will complement your home’s style whilst still adding illumination and functionality to your entry way. A more traditional home can accommodate more decorative, traditional styles, such as a pair of classic metal hanging lanterns either side of the door or a beautiful outdoor chandelier.