Dressing Room Lighting Hints & Tips

The dressing room is both a practical storage space and somewhere beautiful to pamper yourself. They are a perfect place to indulge in exotic tastes and striking ideas. With an increasingly popularity, it is a real must have for the home.
The dressing room requires careful lighting to provide necessary illumination for the specifics that take place here. Applying cosmetics, dressing and selecting jewellery all call for specially selected lighting. By taking into account the type of the things you will use your room for, you can create a space that is expertly lit, making it both more useful and moth attractive.

Every room needs general lighting if it is to be used effectively for daily tasks. The easiest way to do this is with a large overhead light in the centre of the space. The type of bulb in the light fixture should be one that casts a glow that is similar to natural daylight. Use a light that is high enough that you won’t run into it, but don’t be afraid to use chandeliers or pendant lights in the room for drama and elegance.

You need overhead lighting, but you have to supplement it with other types of lighting. You have to consider the colour temperature. Make sure that the colours of your clothes don’t wash out, look muted, faded or distorted by your lighting. Lighting that will enhance your clothes as well as your room, will make you feel great and make the room look opulent.
Uplighters tucked in corners do a great job of opening up a space, while spotlights angled towards a ceiling or wall will make the room look brighter as light bounces off the surfaces. Also creating points of interests within your room by adding lavish table lamps and perhaps a luxurious floor lamp over a seating area.

If your dressing room has open shelving, a concealed light is the perfect way to illuminate the inside whilst being subtle and stylish. It helps to differentiate between colours of clothing and adds warm to the room. This will also add another layer of light which makes the space feel inviting.