Bespoke Lighting Hints & Tips

The almost unlimited variability and delicate beauty of light that can flow through a space make the light designs of our unique creations as much an art as it is a science. From the conceptualisation of a bold statement in light on a grand scale, dripping with a cascade of glass and Swarovski crystals that will soon shimmer in the sunlight of a luxury hotel lobby, to the refined and fluid form of silk and blown glass in a light design destined for the home of someone with exquisite taste, our bespoke lighting creations are as many and varied as the clients who commission us to create them.


Every work of lighting art that illuminates a client’s space started out as a concept in someone’s mind, and therefore the first step towards the perfect bespoke design is to fully and completely understand a client’s wishes, their brief or their hurriedly scribbled drawings on the first piece of paper that came to hand. From glamorous bespoke chandeliers to vibrant custom statement pieces, your vision can become a reality. Using a variety of materials such as luxurious crystals, stunning glass and ceramics, with our extensive range will achieve your desired lighting look. Our designers are skilled in translating these rough requirements into polished and inspired light designs.


This is achieved first through sketches from various angles, both of the light designs and the space in which they will be displayed to allow us to refine our vision of your needs. Then as a 3D rendered model offering our manufacturers all the information they need to create your masterpiece, and finally as part of a wider circuit plan and lighting design. Impeccable attention to detail and flawless quality ensures a perfectly tailored lighting solution for each project.