Bedroom Lighting Hints & Tips

The bedroom is a place for relaxation and ensuring the lighting is right. A bedroom needs to act as both a wakeup call and a place to encourage rest.

Whether space in your room is limited or large, there is always a perfect solution to enhance the interiors of the room. In more spacious rooms, freestanding furniture can be used to provide the lighting. Contemporary interiors allow for wall washed lights and uplighting. Low glare downlights can be used to create focus on a flamboyant headboard or a feature wall.

Creating floating effects under beds, bedside tables, and wardrobes can be beneficial to the room to create a soft glow which can be used as a nightlight.

Task lighting is one to be considered in the bedroom. Most often this type of lighting is used for reading, and if lit wrong can strain the eyes.

By using clever bedroom lighting, other aspects of the room can be lit up. Lights can be directed towards dressing areas or wardrobes to provide sufficient lighting when needed.

Depending on what your interiors are like, different lighting methods can be used to create a relaxing effect in the rooms. From day to night, the lighting can alter and change the effect of the room.