Background Lighting Hints & Tips

Background lighting is generally the light which creates the ambience in a room. Different rooms will use different types of background lighting depending on what tasks will be performed there.

If downlights are used to create a background lighting, ensure they are arranged to enhance the layout of the space or use wall washing to create a softer lighting effect.

The key to lighting is to ensure that whatever the light is aimed at, the right effect is achieved. A darker surface will reduce the reflection while a brighter surface will allow for the maximum reflection of the light making the room seem brighter than what it actually may be.

The colours of the space play an important role on how light is reflected. The brighter the walls, the less lights required to light the space. The darker the wall, the more light is required to illuminate the space. Matt walls and ceilings are also preferred as shiny surfaces directly reflect the light which may be unappealing.