Getting the Right Lighting Design for Supermarkets

Supermarkets are a place where customers come to buy fresh and ready-to-go food in one convent location. All types of food, drinks, clothes, furniture and all types of technology.

Supermarket lighting should be hygienic as its food that we eat so we want it to be clean so we don’t pick up diseases. White lighting is associated with hygienic feelings so if supermarket lighting is white customers can expect the food and everything inside the supermarket to be clean.

As customers enter the store they want to be greeted by a welcoming feeling so pink wall lamps are a great option as they don’t overwhelm the entrance with a pink colour however it does give a feeling of being welcomed into the store.

Service counters providing foods such as bread, cheese and fish should have a higher intensity light focusing on them so they stand out to the rest of the store. Food here is usually more appealing so having it spotlighted catches the attention of customers so more customers will come up and possibly make a purchase.

Brown lights are a great colour to be using at service counters as it promotes feelings of reliability and support.

Customers that trust these service counters are more likely to purchase than customers that do not. Brown makes can make staff more supportive so they can help customers make the right purchases.

LED lights should be used within the store to save on energy bills and time replacing the lights. LED lights can cut bills by 50% when compared to normal lights and last at least 100,000 hours total use so the lights won’t need replacing for a long time.

In addition to saving money, lighting closer to the floor need less energy to light up the floor below. As supermarkets usually have very high ceiling bringing the lights closer to the floor can be a great way to save money.

However lights too close to the ground don’t light up a huge area and can great ‘hotspots’ of high intensity light on the floor so having a lighting designed to get the optimum height for lights is always a great idea.

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