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Achieving Perfect Lighting For Your Dining Area

Having an optimum lighting solution in your conservatory can make the world of difference to the way this unique space feels. Here at Asco Lights we offer design and supply services to help you achieve the perfect lighting for your conservatory.

Asco lights - Dining Area lighting
Asco lights - Dining Area lighting

The dining area is an important area to consider when it comes to lighting. Due to the varied uses of a dining area, it can be a little difficult to light correctly but Asco Lights offers a wide range of solutions to ensure that the dining area is lit as effectively and efficiently as possible, using a variety of products of all shapes and sizes to suit your look and style.

The right lighting is absolutely critical in the dining room. With the proper lighting design you’ll be able to make your meals an experience. With the versatile nature of a dining room lighting techniques will have to accommodate this. From sunrise to sunset, the dining area can be in use and with each different meal a different atmosphere will be required. However with the dining room being used a lot more at night time you can be a little bit more dramatic with your lighting with the desired affect being a more intimate feel.

Asco Lights - Dining area lighting

The centrepiece of any dining room is the table. It’s where you converse and unwind after a long day and it’s also where you start the day off with your breakfast and morning cup of coffee. With this in mind you will want to base your lighting around the dining table as opposed to the whole room. That usually means either a chandelier, a pendant or a series of pendants, hanging relatively low above the table. With smaller tables we would recommend the single pendant as opposed to a series of pendants to prevent the area being overly lit and reducing any unwanted glare. With longer, rectangle shaped tables you will want to consider a large chandelier or a series of pendant lights. Usually three or five pendants compliment a longer table extremely well. 

Because the light over a dining table has such a specific use, it does give you the opportunity to do something dramatic. By incorporating an advanced lighting control system you’ll be able to modify light levels to the what is required and desired. If you’re eating with the kids in the daytime – or if your dining table doubles as the place where they do their homework – you’ll want to have plenty of light. But at night you’ll want to turn it down low as the best lighting for evening entertaining is low-level warm light  asit creates a truly intimate atmosphere.

For the best in dining area lighting don’t hesitate to CONTACT us. Our industry leading design team will work closely with you to help provide the perfect lighting design no matter how small or large the space.

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