Create the Perfect Lighting Design for Cafes

Making a statement about your cafe’s identity and drawing in passers-by is important when making your first impression count. Clever café lighting can help this, providing ambience and mood, and bring you more customers. Regardless of whether the cafe is casual, sophisticated, rustic or modern, this lighting should be selected because it is interesting and inviting in design and it will grab the attention of any potential customers that are passing by.

Once inside, both your interior design and lighting features should express your unique style and personality. As a cafe owner, utilising the power of lighting in your cafe can make a statement about who you are and what you represent. Customer that are attracted to that personality will soon become regulars after venturing inside and will recommend your cafe to their friends.

There are several lighting options that can be used in your cafe, but popular ones include pendant lights, wall lights and picture lights.

Pendant lighting can be put in a row along the cafe window to draw attention to and highlight the cafe. They can also be placed above the service counter to illuminate food displays. One type of pendant lighting that can be used is recycled cardboard pendants. These types of pendants go well with wooden furniture. Another type of pendant lighting that can be used is industrial style pendants. Industrial style pendants are usually made from materials like aluminium, copper, brass and holophane glass. These types of lights give the cafe a Parisian cafe or an American diner appearance. Modern pendants are another type of pendants that can be used in cafes. These are used for a more sophisticated and sleek cafe design, choose the more minimalistic style pendants that have a powder coating or a metallic surface.

Wall lights are a good option to put above seating areas. They provide customers with enough light to read, whether it be a menu or book, while simultaneously it isn’t disturbing the atmosphere of the area. The type of wall lights you select are dependent on the setting of your cafe; more modern and plain lights can be selected for more modern cafes that perhaps have more of a black and white theme to them while if the cafe has a vintage or retro feel to it more old-fashioned lights may suit the style of the cafe better.

Picture lighting is a good way to bring attention to any particular decorations on the wall. This highlights unique paintings, posters and photos and catches peoples’ eyes. This can also be used to emphasise your menu board. The kind of lights you can use for this are long picture lights or swivel poster lights.

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