Coronavirus – Online Light Design Consultancy

Asco Lights

The coronavirus outbreak has caused untold disruption to daily life impacting us all. As many of us go into self isolation and business slows, sacrifices must be made. The global pandemic is not something to take lightly and we all must take extra precautions following the advice of the world’s leading virologists to keep ourselves and others safe. 

During these trying times we have all been advised to minimise personal contact with others, but as we all know this is a major change to our usual ways of conducting business and socialising. Here at Asco Lights our online light design consultancy is one way in which we can conduct business whilst minimising any external health risks posed by coronavirus. 

Our desire to be everyone’s local lighting designer is what led to the birth of our online light design consultancy and we feel that supporting the local, and wider, community is crucial in such extraordinary times. Though small in comparison to the troubles the world faces, sometimes a little normality can go a long way to helping people remain calm and in control. Whether over Skype, Facetime or even over the phone, we can provide a full light design consultation to help to start bringing your lighting visions to reality, whilst keeping you and your loved ones safe, helping to keep business moving and to continue doing what we do best, providing the UK’s leading lighting design service.  

With over a decade of experience in lighting design for commercial and residential clients throughout the UK, Asco Lights has the professional expertise to assist any architect, interior designer, electrical engineer, property developer, hotelier, home entertainment and automation company, restaurateur or homeowner on any size of project be it one room in a home or an entire commercial building. We aim to provide the best service to our clients no matter what measures must be taken.

For more information head over to our Online Light Design Consultancy page or alternatively call us on 0161 207 0212 and one of our industry leading design team will be happy to assist. Please do remember to stay safe, follow the latest government and WHO guidelines because the health and well being of each and everyone of us is of unrivalled, unparalleled importance.



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