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Brand Van Egmond – Stunning Lighting By Brand Van Egmond Lighting

Since its creation in 1989, Brand Van Egmond has cultivated an international reputation as a trendsetter in exclusive handcrafted lighting. The Dutch lighting brand describes its governing values as art without restraints and their exciting products have enthralled interior designers for almost three decades. Brand Van Egmond lighting is not simply about stylish illumination, they are themed artistic sculptures that have become a staple of designers such as Louis Vuitton and Chopard in helping them cement their retail identity.

With all of Brand Van Egmonds products being handmade there are endless possibilities to customise. Each lighting collection can be adapted to any specification provided by you. Brand Van Egmond creates in the belief that  custom-made lighting shows personality, a sense of independence and a love for style. A classic interior will become modern with a contemporary lighting design handcrafted by our atelier. A modern interior will receive classic values through a handmade contemporary chandelier. Every style deserves a personal lighting object, an art treasure for a lifetime.

Brand Van Egmond Work with some of the best architects and interior designers In the world,  with their lighting found in a variety of spaces: from the most public lobbies to the most intimate residences. With beautiful use of blown out glass and products ranging from wall lighting to low drop pendants the versatility of design is something the brand our proud of with lighting fixtures being displayed everywhere from office spaces to the hospitality industry. Brand Van Egmonds quality craftsmanship and design is what sets this innovative brand apart from others.

For more bespoke lighting features from Brand Van Egmond don’t hesitate to browse our store or alternatively contact one of our expert design team for industry leading advice on all things lighting! 

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