Benefits of Asco Lights Lighting Design

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We believe Asco Lights has the perfect design and lighting solution for your project.


Why Choose Asco Lights Lighting Design?

When choosing a lighting consultancy to partner your important project, we understand you have an exacting brief. Furthermore, the need to select a reliable, trustworthy and dedicated supplier is of paramount importance.

Here at Ascolights we are committed to both excellence in customer service and the superior products we have supplied for over a decade to our countless satisfied clients. As major distributors for a number of leading manufacturers across the world, we take great pride in providing unique and aesthetically spectacular lighting solutions.

How can we save you money on the latest LED technology?

Low cost LED lighting – the most cost effective way to make drastic savings on your energy bill


  • Save up to 90% on your lighting energy bill
  • Typically a 25% annual return on investment
  • “Fit and forget” – 25x longer life span than incandescents


Good quality LEDs will be among the most energy-efficient lighting products available and will have a long lifetime. This represents cost savings to consumers and reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Lighting accounts for 20–30% of all the energy consumed in a typical household. Fortunately, this kind of waste is easy to detect and cheap to fix. In terms of opportunity to save money, there is no lower-hanging fruit.

LEDs, or light–emitting diodes, are semiconductor devices that produce visible light when an electrical current is passed through them. They’ve existed for over 50 years but have only recently become the most practical lighting solution with a long list of advantages. They are instant-on, extremely efficient, last a very long time and over the past two years, as demand has risen and manufacturing has streamlined, their cost has plummeted. A very long lifespan leads to savings not only in energy use but also the cost of replacement bulbs.

How can we save you money with Trade Discount and buying Direct?

The most important point to make about our fees is that from our initial discussion I can tell you with some certainty that what you spend with us in professional fees you will undoubtedly get back in the Trade Discount Savings you will make on your projects by Buying Direct From The Manufacturer. As we have relationships with a number of leading European manufacturers we can introduce you directly giving you the prices to work well with your budget.

How you can save on costly mistakes?

Not only do we have years of unrivalled design knowledge and experience, but we are also consummate professionals when it comes to project management. We get it right first time because we work very closely with all your property professionals, especially the electrical contractors, as well as your home automation team and your interior designer/s. Developing strong, trustworthy business relationships is key to ensuring that everyone completely understands our lighting designs and how best to execute them.

We have a team of totally dedicated designers and professionals who will be only too happy to work with you on every aspect of the lighting design of your project, that’s why we consider ourselves innovators, designers, and connoisseurs of the most stunning lighting effects nationwide.

The next steps….

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