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Fernando Agredano Martinez

A technical & creative Lighting & CAD designer

Fernando, graduated in Electronic Engineering and Lighting technician specialist at the University of Málaga (Spain).  With knowledge about the new technologies and wide experience working as a technical installations designer, working closely to architects, engineers, contractors and clients, doing 2D / 3D designs and plans, works from new builds or refurbishments to interior/exterior lighting projects.

My Skills

  • Creative designs unique to each client
  • Technical CAD drawing
  • Creating client visuals and renders
  • Technical knowledge within lighting
  • Lighting specification knowledge
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What lighting means to me

I see lighting design as a way to enjoy the spaces in a different way that we are used to do it, a way that involve the benefits of the energy efficiency and the practicality, saying goodbye to the traditional switches and enjoying the infinite possibilities to set up your mood as you like more.

My Top Lighting Solutions

Authentage – Bellefeu

Bellefeu is based on special LED lighting in candle sleeves of real wax. The unique touch to this product is the realistic flickering of the light, teamed up with the dimmable LED strip underneath this adds warmth, depth and a more relaxed feel to the space.

Bocci – 14 Series

The Bocci 14 series is a perfect piece for ANY space. Due to its hand blown nature each ball is unique and thus is timeless. You could place this in a Victorian home and it look perfect but it would also look amazing in an ultra-contemporary home. Not only this, but the product can be bespoke to your needs – Increasing the size depending on your space.

BPM Lighting – Cilene

Surface wall mounted light fixture that gives off the illusion of a floating floor lamp, integrating this fitting into the surrounding architecture. This will add a unique touch to any design providing the room with a subtle wash of light with the opportunity to paint this in the color of your choice to match the interior decor. This is such a clever fitting that would be ideal in spaces that were too small to locate a floor lamp or alternatively this would add a splash of fun to a children’s bedroom/play area etc. This idea comes in a variety of different styles.

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