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Amy Caine

Creative Lighting Designer

Having travelled abroad to visit manufacturers and explore new products and solutions, I have gained great insight into the creative side of lighting and also how we can apply these products within our own projects. I work on all sizes and types of projects including both interior and exterior design, residential and commercial.

My Skills

  • Creative designs unique to each client
  • Technical CAD drawing
  • Creating client visuals and renders
  • Technical knowledge within lighting
  • Lighting specification knowledge
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What lighting means to me

I believe that lighting can make or break a space and can bring it alive. Not only does light add dimension to the room and highlight beautiful textures and fabrics, It can also change your state of mind and mood. Good lighting is crucial to create the perfect Interior.

My Top Lighting Solutions

Occhio – Sento

The Sento wall light is a great way to add up and down scallops of light whilst also washing onto the ceiling due to the high amount of light output. These wall lights are ideal if you have an area where downlights can’t be used. With the additional option to add inserts for a choice of lighting and color effects, the colored scallops can completely change the look and feel of a space to create that real wow factor!

Brick In The Wall – Floyd

Although this product is very minimalistic the effect it creates is just stunning, almost as though it floats into the architecture. Whether positioned within a wall or a ceiling, Floyd will create a soft and subtle halo of light. Perfect to liven up any interior, this plaster mold can be fitted with LED tape of warm, neutral or cool but also an option to use RGB color change tape to provide you with a splash of color.

TAL – Quad Asymmetric High/Low Level Wall Light

The Quad Asymmetric high level wall light is perfect for those hard to illuminate spaces or areas with limited ceiling space. These wall lights have a high output providing functional illumination whilst creating dramatic spills of light on the ceiling or floor. The adjustable feature of this product allows you to adjust the light spill depending on the area you are washing. Perfect for areas with apex/sloping ceilings and long corridors.

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