A few words from the Director…

A few words from managing director, Ajay Vasdev.

As director of Asco Lights, and one of the UK’s leading lighting design consultants, I understand how important lighting design is to you, as well as your project.  Whether it’s a redesign of your home, or you’re an interior designer, contractor or architect, getting lighting right is undoubtedly a skill.


Many people make the mistake of leaving lighting design decisions until the very last minute in the build or redesign process.  Sadly, this often means that after having spent a lot of money on impressive fixtures and fittings, they fail to illuminate them correctly and really don’t do their hard work justice.


So if you’re embarking on a project – whether it be residential or commercial – then my advice is to consider every aspect of your lighting design at a very early stage.  Not only will it save you time, money and hassle, but you will also get the perfect finish you dream of.


With many years of lighting industry experience, it’ll come as no surprise that Asco Lights was borne from a desire to provide the very best lighting design consultancy possible – as well as to offer architectural, statement and mood lighting services, and fully automated control systems operated through the latest Crestron panels and iPad integration technology.


Based in Manchester, Asco Lights is the home of inspirational, sensational and mood-reflective lighting design, and our showroom and design studio is a creative nerve centre from which some of the most unique and breathtaking lighting designs are produced.  And thanks to relations with some of Europe’s leading manufacturers, we can demonstrate almost every lighting design scheme opportunity.  Each display space offers you an intimate window into a world of possibility, where precision illumination, accented lighting, space definition and mood-lit ambience are all under your interactive control.


And what’s my ethos?  It’s simple.  Why do lighting when you can do extraordinary lighting design that illuminates, inspires and informs.  There’s no denying that lighting evokes a whole host of emotions.


Light is all around us; it’s everywhere we look.  So not only is lighting an essential commodity when designing, developing or redeveloping a property, whether it be commercial or residential, but it’s a critical aspect to the overall beauty and finish of your project.  Lighting can make us feel happy, cosy, reflective, seductive or relaxed.  And done well, lighting design creates intimacy and romance, glamour and aspiration, or in the workplace it evokes a sense of motivation and productivity.
Ajay will shortly be launching his own Youtube and Vimeo channels, more information coming soon!


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