Creating Lighting Inspiration

 When it comes to decorating the home, most people think first about the design and arrangement of furniture, colour of the walls and trim, curtains, shutters, and accessories to place in the room. But many people don’t realize that one of the most important factors in creating the mood you want in your home comes through your lighting choices. Lighting can create any kind of mood, from bright and sunny, to soft and delicate to anything in between. And using creative lighting methods can add spark and personality to your room.

The many different kinds of lighting options out there are all so unique, from table lamps to chandeliers, and all kinds of fixtures. And that’s not to mention all the DIY projects you can take on! Creative lighting gives you the chance to express your creative side and create the exact kind of mood you desire for your room. And don’t forget that different rooms will look better with a different kind of mood and different lighting. The kitchen, for example, generally looks best with bright and sunny lighting, while your bedroom might benefit from soft lighting to help you feel relaxed. However, you might want the option in the kitchen and dining room to have a dimmer switch on your lighting, to create a more romantic mood if you want it. Imagine coming home and preparing a romantic dinner for your partner, taking out the wine glasses and switching the lights down low as you turn on some music and light the candles. This is the type of lighting you can achieve with some creativity.

When it comes to kitchen lighting, the options are literally endless for what you can create. If you have shelves hanging over your stove you can put lighting underneath to light up your cooking area. Hanging lights with white or colourful shades can create a playful mood in your kitchen. Work with the colours and wood shades that you have to create a lighting style that matches what you’re working with.

You can create your own lights and lampshades from materials you have around the home as well. There are tons of great tutorials online for creating a fun lighting project that’s going to look great and add some style to your room. Making your own lights is also a great idea for the kids’ rooms, since they tend to add an element of playfulness. For your own bedroom, keep the lighting soft and delicate using flush ceiling lights. This is a sacred space where you will want to feel completely relaxed, and you can achieve this feeling through the lighting you choose.

Consider the mood you want to set in social areas of your home, such as the living and dining room. Keep in mind that you will want enough lighting so that people can read, and see each other properly if you have a gathering. Provide several lamps throughout the room to provide flexibility with the brightness. Reading lights are great to put next to sofas and tables. The lighting you choose for your house will increase your enjoyment of the space and the feelings you have while at home.



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