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  • Turning illumination aspirations into radiant reality
  • Any size or complexity of project throughout the UK
  • Our lighting design service tailored to your needs
  • Over a decade of lighting design experience at your service
  • Our canvas is space and our paint is the light we bring to that space.

Lighting Design

Our highly skilled team of lighting designers, lighting consultants and project managers work tirelessly to turn client-driven illumination aspirations into radiant reality.

With over a decade of experience in lighting design for commercial and residential clients throughout the UK, Asco Lights has the professional expertise to assist any architect, interior designer, electrical engineer, property developer, hotelier, home entertainment and automation company, restauranteur or homeowner on any size of project.

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Virtual Lighting Experience

Explore our world of virtual lighting where you will see the most compelling visions of light brought to life. Our interactive platform provides you with new insights and you will appreciate the innovative lighting solutions.


Bespoke Lighting

Asco Lights conceives and fashions stunning bespoke indoor and outdoor light designs for all manner of uses and clients.

The almost unlimited variability and delicate beauty of light that can wash through a space make the light designs of our unique creations as much an art as it is a science. From the conceptualisation of a bold statement in light on a grand scale, dripping with a cascade of glass and Swarovski crystals that will soon shimmer in the sunlight of a luxury hotel lobby, to the refined and fluid form of silk and blown glass in a light design destined for the home of someone with exquisite taste, our bespoke lighting creations are as many and varied as the clients who commission us to craft them.

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